10 unusual topics for argumentative essays

Writing an argumentative essay has its challenges but choosing a good topic takes the cake. There are so many topics you can choose to write about it, this is often why it is tricky to find the right one.

There are common topics that most people think about for essay writing, but the key in this case is to consider different angles and perspectives. Sometimes it takes looking at something differently to get ideas of unusual topics. Think about things people may not think about too often. The following topics are a few to consider when seeking something unusual.

  1. Abortion. When a female is under legal age should she have a choice to do so and be liable for associated costs? If a man rapes a woman should he pay for the procedure?

  2. Gay rights. Would the world be different if more people were open to gay marriages? Should gays be forced to live in certain areas because of their sexuality?

  3. AIDS. Why is it taking so long for a cure but there is dozens of medicines available to treat certain aspects of the disease? Is there a way to reverse damage the disease does to the body instead of curing it? Are monies spent on awareness efforts being well spent in certain parts of the world?

  4. Bullying. Should schools or parents be responsible for such acts that happen between children? How should adults handle a situation if they are being bullied by a student or child?

  5. Social media. What would happen if all of the sudden social media was non-existent? Would more people still use social media sites if you are required to have a paid membership?

  6. Death penalty. Is there another way to put inmates to death instead of using drugs? How much money would be saved if the death penalty was abolished?

  7. Healthy living. Why does it cost more to eat natural and organic foods on a regular basis? Why do companies continue to use ingredients that are not good for us when they have been proven to cause disease, illness, and even death?

  8. Cancer. How are millions of dollars being raised and there is still no cure for most types of cancers?

  9. Education. Why should we have to pay for it when it is essential?

  10. Gun control. How can we eliminate every gun in existence?