The Top 30 Philosophy Term Paper Topics to Write About

Philosophy is a discipline of study that attempts to explain concepts in nature and in classical beliefs within particular systems. There are endless term paper topics to write about. Here are some great topics to consider:

  1. What are the meanings of selfishness, self-interest, and charitableness?
  2. What elements of life really matter to us and are these different across cultures?
  3. If God exists then why is there evil? Is evil an element of God?
  4. What is the image of God? Does this matter to the way one chooses to live?
  5. Should all drugs (medicinal and recreational) be made legal?
  6. Can man-made technology become self-aware or conscious? Is it unethical to try to achieve this?
  7. Are anger, hatred and dis-compassion symptoms of a kind of weakness?
  8. Is it better to die as a hero or live as a coward? Does the situation vary?
  9. Which is more important in the formation of a society: religion, philosophy or science?
  10. What happens to humans when we die? What about lesser forms of intelligent life?
  11. Is eating animals unethical or is it a part of nature we choose to follow (or not)?
  12. If murder was legal, would morality keep us from doing
  13. Should the wealthy help the poor? Is it an obligation or a choice?
  14. Can atheism be locally supported in the community or will it always face negativity?
  15. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it make a sound?
  16. Do you consider yourself a philosopher or a theorist? What makes the difference?
  17. Does religion make useful contributions to societies? And who decides what is useful?
  18. Which of the five major branches of philosophy is most useful to us in modern society?
  19. How do humans make choices? What questions do we consider before making a choice?
  20. Where do ideas come from? Are they divine, systemic or natural?
  21. Are we alone in the universe and is it important for use to know the answer?
  22. Why does the universe exist? Is there a greater purpose for it all?
  23. What do we know about death and how does this affect the way we think about life?
  24. Should you live for the present experience or live for the life you wish to have led?
  25. Should we keep animals as pets? Or should we allow nature take its course?
  26. Should animals be kept in zoos? What about endangered animals?
  27. Do you believe in reincarnation and does this apply to other forms of life?
  28. Do we exist outside of our own imaginations? And how much of it is truly accurate?
  29. Is war ever justified? Who is the judge in the matter? The world or the nations involved?
  30. Can humans achieve world peace or is this by nature impossible?