10 Successful Thesis Topics You Should Consider

When you are getting ready for a writing assignment, you have to come up with a strong thesis to base your entire paper on. There are many topics out there, but that doesn't mean that are all good choices. You need to be able to get the information that you need so you can successfully argue the topic and make the grade.

It can be difficult to select a successful topic. Some topics are overused and others are too controversial to be able to state an effective argument. The next time you have to come up with a thesis, there are 10 successful topics that you should consider. These topics are great choices because they make for good content.

Successful Thesis Topics:

  • Academic Testing - Do achievement tests and the ACT really predict success on the college level? Should the Pledge of Allegiance be required in public schools?
  • Are United States military veterans getting the medical treatment they deserve? Consider the recent problems with the Veterans Administration medical facilities.
  • Should the media be trusted or is there a tendency to slant stories? Touch on the reliability of popular reporters and various news stations.
  • Should the federal government increase the minimum wage across the country? There have been many disputes about the wages paid to fast food workers and those in other blue collar jobs.
  • Is it time that elected officials step up and ban corporal punishment in all public schools? Many states still allow paddling as a form of punishment.
  • Should childhood immunizations be required? There are parents refusing vaccinations for their children because they question the risk and safety of them.
  • Should women be allowed to serve as members of clergy? Many denominations have argued whether women should be ordained as ministers or priests.
  • Should denial of the Holocaust be considered a crime? There have been many reports of people disputing the legitimacy of the Holocaust and the great loss of life that it caused.
  • Is there a need for stringent bullying laws across the country? The news is filled with reports of suicides and crimes that have resulted from bullying, particularly from the school setting and online.

Each of these topics provides an excellent opportunity for an argument that is certain to impress the instructor. All of these topics could be argued in support of or against. In addition, there are many reliable sources that can be used to support the argument.