Milton under the Microscope

Milton has experienced a rapid population growth over the past decade, a fact that has been attributed to the location of the town and recent development projects. However, there has been a concern over the quality of air in this town, especially during winter. According to Threlfall, the Otago Regional Council found that this town was part of the region that has been subjected to air pollution from smoke during winter. The air quality in this region has gone below the standards set by the National Environmental Standards, and this has caused a lot of concern to the administration of this town. The press release from the Otago Regional Council on 16th March, 2012 noted that the town has been subjected to a steady degradation of air quality over the last three years. The council also noted that the city is still experiencing a steady growth of population. This means that more people are at risk of contracting various diseases that are associated with poor air quality. This has prompted the Otago Regional Council to commission a study that will try to determine the level of this pollution and its effect on the population. The City of Milton has been put under microscope in order to identify the level of harm its residents may be exposed to due to this pollution.

The report by John Threlfall- the director of Environmental Information in Ontaro, had commissioned a team of experts to monitor the quality of air in this town and its environs. The council is concerned that the smoke and soot particles frequently exceeds the set standards of 50 micrograms per cubic meter, a clear indication that air quality in this region is falling below the standards set by the National Environmental Standards. This body has been concerned about the reports that the town has experienced smoke particles exceeding the allowable standards very frequently in the recent times. Milton goes under the microscope in order to determine the exact impact that this pollution has on the residents of this area. Although the medical practitioners have not been able to link this pollution to a specific outbreak of a given disease, it is feared that if the situation is not addressed, many people may start experiencing health problems related to air pollution. The council wants to address this problem before it becomes a major health problem in this town.