Is Buying a Term Paper Considered Cheating?

It’s essentially the first question that arises when students start considering a term paper writing service. If you choose to go down this road – if you choose to forsake the assignment for yourself and allow someone else to write your paper for you – are you, in essence, cheating?

It’s a very loaded question, to ask whether or not using a term paper service is cheating. Your opinion on the matter will lie heavily in your definition of academic cheating. All we can do is give you some facts that support term paper service employment for stressed students – and let you decide for yourself. Here are some key things to remember when trying to decide whether or not you should use a writing service:

  1. It isn’t plagiarism. The biggest issue when it comes to term paper services is plagiarism. This is the number on definition of cheating on a writing assignment. It’s important to know that, when you buy a term paper, you are NOT buying plagiarized material. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A quality dissertation service will develop completely original material that’s unlike anything else out there. You don’t need to worry about plagiarism when you buy a term paper, and that rules out a huge piece of the ‘cheating’ definition.
  2. It’s often necessary. With some rare, unsavory exceptions, students never use a term paper writing service unless they absolutely have to. These services are employed when students are overwhelmed with academic work, under monumental pressure or otherwise incapable of completing the assignment themselves. This is nothing like the behavior of ‘cheaters,’ which are simply seeking to avoid work altogether; rather, it’s the last desperate act of a stressed student.
  3. It still has your handprint on the paper. Excellent term paper writing services will still allow you to be involved in your paper development. They’ll ask for input, let you review drafts, and try to get an idea of your personal writing style. In essence, you are still heavily involved in the development of the paper, even if you aren’t the one holding the pen (or tapping the keyboard).
  4. Technically, it still isn’t your personal work. This is, really, the only satisfactory reason for not using a term paper service. If you are uncomfortable with turning in work you didn’t compose yourself, then this isn’t for you. You won’t be the one putting words down on the page, so if you’re nervous about handing in that kind of paper, then you may need to avoid services like these altogether.