I Want to Find Some Impressive Controversial Topics for My Essay

The easiest way to make your essay stand out and keep the readers’ attention throughout the whole paper is to choose a controversial topic. People are drawn to various arguments that raise strong emotions within them. You should use this in your essay, and with strong arguments of your own, you will definitely get some feedback from the audience.

The most popular, controversial topics that can be passionately discussed over and over again are:

  • Animal testing:

    You can focus this essay on the sociological effects of this form of testing, and the way it affects different groups of people on a psychological level. You can also delve in the depths of biology and come up with reasonable arguments that prove or disprove the efficiency of these tests for humans.

  • Capital punishment:

    The efficiency of this form of punishment has been argued for years. Take a closer look at societies that have or don’t have a capital punishment system in their country, and try to identify the reasons behind their choices. Study the crime statistics in these countries and determine which approach is more effective.

  • Abortions:

    This essay can be focused on religious, psychological, or physiological aspects of abortion. You can also look into the effect that this procedure has had on various societies over the years. To make the topic even more controversial, you can draw the connection between abortions and conscious feticide.

  • Ethnic discrimination:

    Try to identify the reasons that make people treat other people poorly, simply because of their ethnicities. Research how the process of globalization affects the number of ethnic conflicts within developed countries. Attempt to come up with effective solutions to the problem of discrimination.

  • Human trafficking:

    Study the statistics of this crime in different countries of the world, and determine why they are higher in certain areas. Identify the factors that increase the chances of human trafficking rings being established, and come up with effective ways to destroy this type of crime.

  • Euthanasia:

    Debate the pros and cons of euthanasia. Try to predict the effects that legalizing voluntary death will have on society as a whole. Analyze the reasons that push people to make this decision and offer viable alternatives.

  • Plastic surgery:

    In this essay, you should attempt to determine the connection between a person’s character and his or her appearance. Study cases where plastic surgery is required due to medical reasons, and compare them to those that are only cosmetic. You can also touch upon the subject of criminals using surgery to help them avoid justice.