How to write a good academic essay in a few hours

Students really struggle with academic essays, and for several reasons. Some students find this type of essay difficult because they might not be good at writing in general, and don’t like writing essays. Others despair over academic essays because between all their classes and a job, they have no time to make their essay as good as they’d like. Academic writing often requires more from you in regards to research, fact finding, quality of writing, and presentation of information. It’s a higher level of academia than a regular high school essay, for example, and your teachers will be more precise during grading for details and following of instructions.

Managing Time for Writing an Academic Essay

If you only have a short amount of time left before your deadline, you might be panicking and wondering how you’ll get all this work done. Here are a few ways you can streamline your writing process and speed up certain areas to get the best result with the least time investment.

  1. As with any essay, you need a solid outline. Starting with an outline will make the rest of your writing process more organized and structured.
  2. Other than editing, you’ll need the most time for research, so try to take as much time as you can for this step. If transportation time is a worry, then use all online sources, including your local library’s website.
  3. Now for writing the first draft: get your ideas out as fast as you can and use your general knowledge to talk about the subject. If you forget a certain fact or need to look up something during this time, make a note to yourself and keep going – do not stop writing to go look it up.
  4. After the rough draft is done, now’s the time to look up extra research and fill it in. put quotes and sources in where you want them.
  5. Now for arguably the most important step, editing. I hope that you have an hour or so left of time. Check for grammar, spelling, and if you have the right formatting according to your teacher’s instructions. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to have a trusted friend read over your essay, too, and give you their opinion about it. Having another perspective is a great asset to making your essay better.