APA Format Outline for a Research Paper: Helpful Examples


As student’s lockdown in study rooms and library corners, they are focused on one thing and one thing only: getting a great grade.  It’s an achievable goal for all, but for some it feels like a million miles away.  No matter which category the student places themselves in, one way to take a step towards that goal is an APA style paper that is perfection, or as close to it as possible.


Attempting to reach perfection with the APA format is as simple as finding a helpful example that will show the student the proper way to lay out the technical aspects of the paper.  APA is very a very strict format that requires the paper to look a certain way. The student will need to find a helpful example can show the student how the paper should look, will help the student as they work endlessly on their research paper.


Searching for an example of the format doesn’t have to be stressful.  Students can go to any of the following resources to find where example that will guide them through to format.  This will make the goal of a great grade one step closer to being attained, along with making the APA format just a bit easier.


Resources for Examples

University Websites: Contrary to a student’s popular belief, their universities do want their student to do well. Most universities have tons of resources offered online, these can be found in the Library page or Current Students page of their website.   They will have a wide range of helpful resources with can include sample pages of APA format.

  • The APA website:  Students can go to the American Psychological Association website, itself and click on the APA style and go to the site and learn the style.  There have access to the publication manual and how to learn the style.  This can be very helpful to the student so that they can learn the format.
  • .Edu/.Org/.Gov Websites:  These websites with the domains listed are sources for student to find information they need.  This includes helpful examples for papers for the student to mimic the style of.
  • University of Maryland University College:  This university along with others, like Purdue have online writing help centers.  These help centers can be very useful for the student to know step by step direction on how to lay their paper out in the correct APA format.