Looking for Strong Topics for a Psychology Research Paper

A research paper is a common assignment that is given throughout the school system.  It’s a way for the teacher to evaluate the student’s ability to understand the material that they have been given over the course of the class. Students must use the skills they’ve learned to discuss a topic of research to show the teacher that they haven’t been paying attention and not just wasting everyone’s time.

However, research papers can only be as good as their topic.  The topic of a paper is the basis for the paper itself, and if it’s bad, then no matter how brilliant the writer is, you can’t expect much of the paper.  Skills can’t be properly shown if the topic of the paper is a snoozer, lackluster or just plain boring.

The topic is the core of a paper.  If it’s weak, the paper will be weak.  The topic must be strong.  Having a topic for the paper that is strong and commanding of attention means that the paper will have a strong foothold of the reader’s attention.  Which is one goal of any paper; to have the attention of the reader.  Even when the reader is the teacher of the author.

Having a topic that is new, exciting and strong are the must haves for any research paper, and with the subject and major of psychology.  Psychology is a subject needs to be explored thoroughly and have a research paper about every topic that can be thought of.  While this is a truth, not every topic is created equally.  Choosing a topic needs to be done so with this knowledge.

Students should explore topics that will excite them and be a subject that they can show the skill of analyses and perception that the classes they have been taking has given them.  They need to have a strong topic where they can put to use concepts that the class has discussed.

These are key reasons that the topic choice must be a strong topic.  Here is a short list of topics that can be considered strong topics for the student to write about for their psychology research paper.

Strong Topics:

  • Perception of “Cool”
  • Cyber Bullying.
  • Dream Theory
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
  • Ideal of Self—how it’s perceived in a world of social media

Having a strong topic is key in having a strong research paper that will show the teacher how the student has learned the concepts of the class.