I Need A Good Example Of A Research Paper Literature Review

In a literature review you are taking an article or journal that you have read and then you are going to write a summary on that article. Like all research papers you have to write the introductions, body and conclusion of it. The introduction will tell the reader about the topic and give them a brief summary of the article or journal. The body of the research paper will get into more details that were in the article. Here you can expand on what you wrote in the introductory paragraph. The conclusion should summarize all of the major parts of the research paper and this is where you can tell the reader about more research that could be done on the subject.

Literature Review Research Paper Examples

  • Diana Hacker: Research and Documentation has the best examples of research papers. This website has research papers examples on various subjects including literature reviews.
  • Ithaca College Library has examples of great examples that you can use to write your literature review. And you can get the examples in PDFs so you can download them and use them later for reference.
  • The University Of Minnesota has two literature reviews examples that you can use. This site also has other sections that can help you write your research paper including how to write it in MLA and APA and the steps on how to write a literature review.
  • Claremont Graduate University Writing Center site has a good example of a literature review for a political science review.
  • If you are looking for a psychology literature review then you should check out the University of Washington site. They have a very detailed literature review on psychology.

These are just some of the sites that have examples of literature reviews on them but you can find literature review examples on most college and university websites. They also give you great detailed instructions on how to write a literature review as well. When you are searching for literature review examples, you might want to narrow your search by subject or topic. This might help you write a better literature review if you know more about the subject you are covering. Just keep in mind that these examples are here to help you learn the right way to write your literature review and is not there to be copied to your research paper.