10 Good Topics for Research Papers for High School

Many high school students spend enormous amounts of time looking for research paper topics. Of course, it is important to choose a good one, but in most cases, students do not have enough time for researching and writing. Therefore, their papers are full of mistakes and lead to poor academic progresses. However, simple planning can significantly improve their performances. First of all, students should think about the topics they are interested in, do some reading, and then write down the main idea they want to describe. The last step is to narrow the topic down and start writing.

The lists of good research paper topics for high school students are good to look at if you want to come up with a topic idea fast. Study the examples below and complete your assignment before the deadline.

  1. Animals and medicine: Why is animal testing necessary? Who is responsible for the suffering animals?
  2. Abortion and teenagers: Is abortion murder? Does it make sense to limit the abortion amount for younger people? Can abortion be justified?
  3. Genetics and cloning: Is it ethical to clone people to grow organs for transplantation? Should ordinary people and clones have the same rights? Why are people afraid of clones?
  4. Internet dependence: Why do young people become addicted to the Internet? How much time should teenagers spend online each day? Should parents limit the amount of time their children surf the Web?
  5. Environmental impact of the population: How do the levels of consumption influence the natural environment? Who should pay for air pollution? Why do companies prefer paying the penalties rather than stopping the pollution?
  6. Healthy diets and obesity: Is obesity a serious issue in developing countries? Can a healthy diet prevent obesity? What health risks do obese people face?
  7. Sports and competitions: Does it make sense to participate in competitions? What is the most popular kind of sport in Australia? Why do great sportsmen become as popular as Hollywood stars?
  8. Homework and high school students: Should parents help their kids do their homework assignments? Why must students do their homework? How much homework should a first-year student get?
  9. Alcohol and drugs: Why is alcohol more dangerous than heavy drugs? How long does it take to stop drinking? Why do people start taking drugs?
  10. Climate change and its consequences: Why do scientists acknowledge global warming? What consequences of climate change does the United Kingdom face today?