Capstone Project Writing Tips For Newbies

Having trouble writing your capstone project is expected, especially with newbies. The best way to get rid of this trouble is to read the following tips!

  • To pick your subject or topic for the capstone project, think and dwell on what you believe will not bore you during research or writing. Your topic should be something you are passionate about. You will notice that when you write about something you are passionate about your writing will be stronger and better.
  • Grasp the fact that this capstone project should take a lot of work and time from your life, to have a successful project. Avoiding that realization will only make the project stressful and tasking, the negativity of the stress will end up reflecting on your project.
  • Before beginning to write on your subject, read! Read as many sources as possible. Sources that agree and disagree with your argument. You need sources that agree or support your argument to defend your points and to be able to state them clearly. You will need sources that dispute your point so that you can play devil’s advocate and negate those doubters within your capstone project.
  • Format correctly! This is vitally important to your capstone project, without the proper format your capstone project may be rejected by your professor. Program all your notes and drafts immediately to the right format, so to avoid simple mistakes later on.
  • Include an abstract. An abstract is short and rough summary of what your capstone project is about.
  • Include your references page. Without a references page you will be accused of plagiarism. It is essential in today academic world to give credit to any idea, quote, or thought that was thought of by someone other than you.
  • Make your table of contents. Depending on your writing style you may want to make one first, so that the table can guide you in to what to research and how much space of the project you want to include about each subtopic. The other option is to make it at the end of your capstone project, so that you may write freely and still have a capstone project that is can be navigated.
  • Make notes on each source. Making notes will avoid you having to reread a source more than twice.

Following these tips, for you newbies, will make the paper an easy write and help the process flow.