Drafting is One of the Last Stages in the Process of Writing a Research Paper

When you sit down to write a research paper for any class, there are going to be specific steps that you need to follow in order to produce the desired informational paper you are looking for. Each class you take will provide a variation of the research paper writing process and it is vital that you become aware and alert about each of the steps in order to provide a student with the best chance to get high marks on every paper they write. Each step from writing a thesis statement to one of the last steps creating a rough draft are each equally important as the process of creating an essay paper is accomplished.

The Thesis

One of the first things you have to do is to develop and write a thesis statement for your research paper. This statement will be the framework around which the entire paper will be written around. These statements should be relatively specific with enough gray area for the student to develop their thoughts and ideas. Writing a thesis should be a well thought out process and continually be developed throughout the writing process. As new information is discovered in the research process, the thesis should be tweaked and adjusted.


The next process is constructing the rough draft. This can most easily be done by first constructing an outline. All of your research and citations should be placed in their appropriate spots in the outline and included in the draft of the research paper. In the draft is where the writer can develop ideas, and write the first thoughts given by the research. The draft should be a continually developing document. This is the place to rework and reword everything from your thesis statement to your conclusion. The creative juices should be flowing throughout this part of the writing process, since the understanding of your topic will grow along with the pages of your research paper. When the rough draft is completed, an author should basically just be fine tuning the work to hand in. The final draft should be a culmination of the writing work that a student has created through the document creation process.

There is no doubt that mastering the drafting process of creating a research paper should be an important practice for all students. It is one of the last stages for writing a great research paper and probably the most important in deciding what content will be included in the paper and which content is left out.