Coursework Writing Agencies Can Deceive You

In the last decade it has become more and more common for students to enlist coursework writing agencies to finish their assignments instead of doing them like they are supposed to. There are several reasons why more and more students are finding this option more appealing than doing the work themselves because:

  • It saves time
  • It gets you a higher grade
  • It is easy
  • There are no consequences
  • It’s the better alternative to plagiarism
  • Everyone else is doing it
  • In the professional world most projects get outsourced anyways

As this practice become more common, there are also more fraudulent agencies being established to take advantage of this growing market. This means that students need to be more cautious before they hire anyone to work on their school assignments. Currently there are two major scams floating around that can be extremely deceiving.

  1. Content Banks
  2. A content bank takes your money in exchange for a pre-written assignment on your required topic. However the problem with using a content bank is that the written pieces typically are not original and have been stolen from other writers or students.

    Even if the assignment is an original piece the same assignment may have been sold to other students first, so it will also not qualify as original content and probably won’t pass a copy cape if your instructor checks.

    One way to spot a content bank online is by the pricing and promise of fast delivery. If you exchange the money and immediately get sent a finished project, than it was probably pre-written for this purpose. This isn’t a very good way to go because you may get expelled for not handing in original material. Tread carefully before buying from this sort of suspicious writing agency.

  3. Fake Freelancer
  4. The other big scam currently tricking students into parting with their money for assignments is the freelancer scam. This one is pretty straightforward, a freelancer advertises their services, accepts your money and doesn’t deliver. It sounds pretty silly but it happens to hundreds of people every year who are not cautious.

By knowing that this is a possibility you can protect yourself from this sort of “false advertising” Hire only freelancers who work for an accredited agency and can provide samples and a full portfolio with references. The best way to navigate these situations is with gut instinct “if it smells fishy, its probably fish.”