How Safe Is It to Obtain Cheap Term Papers Online?

How safe is to buy cheap term papers online?

How safe is to buy cheap term papers online? Well, let me ask you this – are you reading reviews of these services that go beyond their own? If not, let me tell you a little story.

A Story to Show you How Safe it Really IS!

Robert, an Masters of Business Administration student specializing in Conflict Management works full times and has three children, one with multiple sclerosis. He must keep his job to pay for his son’s medical bills to supplement what insurance will not cover. Also, he cannot quit his job to do better in school because he and his hard working wife have five mouths total to feed and desperately need the insurance, and they do not qualify for government aid.

Robert has been busy and has waited one week before a twenty page paper is due in his conflict management class and he hurriedly decides to buy a term paper online. He quickly Googles, “Cheap Term papers” and gets a few hits, choosing the number one hit, figuring this is the best place. Reviews pasted all over it say things like

“A wonderful service, thank you.”

And, “They got my paper done on time and I got an A+”

“Wouldn’t do anywhere else. I am coming back, definitely.”

And so Robert thinks, this is the place to get an essay! So, he searches their site for papers on conflict management and finds the perfect one, one that is 25 pages long, in fact and focuses on the cross over between human resources management and conflict management—exactly the topic he told his instructor he was going to write about. He added that to his shopping cart and paid the 25 dollar fee.

He turned in this paper, proud and beaming, without one feeling of guilt, since, obviously everyone else was doing this right?

Well, his teacher sent him an email saying the essay was 100% plagiarized and wanting an explanation, fearing perhaps she was wrong. She wasn’t and soon Robert was called into the dean’s office. Since he was a 45 year old master’s student who was let in on academic probation anyway because of his low scores as an undergraduate student, he was promptly expelled. After two years of work toward his masters.

So, you tell me. Is it safe to buy term papers online? I most certainly do not think so.

This is a true story, by the way.