Interesting Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology can be defined as the study of culture, society and various groups of people. From that, it is clear that sociology can be quite interesting to write about.

Here are some interesting sociology research paper topics:

  • Voting habits of various people – Observe what influences people's choice of leaders. How much the political campaigns influence them or what are the things they consider while choosing their leader. How caste, religion, gender and other things affect voters.
  • Spirituality and religion –Look into religions, their beliefs and rituals and is there any truth in them? Look at people with no religion. What is the difference between these two sets of people; those who believe in something and those who don’t believe. Is it all in the upbringing or is it all in the mind.
  • Social status – Look into what makes people of different social statuses dislike each other? Is it a case of envy or bad memories from previous encounters, or is it in the upbringing that some are taught to hate the other? And what can be done to ensure good relations between the two?
  • Nationality – What makes someone so proud of where they are from? What makes the patriots who will do anything for their country? How does this feeling affect those people in their daily lives and their productivity at work.
  • Single parents – Being a single parent, how does this affect the person? Does it make them or break them? What effect does single parenthood have on their children? Does this affect their sexuality or their attitude towards the other sex? If so, how does it affect them?
  • Modern children – What is the difference between the kids of today and those of the past generations, either us or our parents' generations? Have new inventions like the television and computers made children better or worse? And what effect does this has on future generations?
  • Feminism – Is this still relevant in today’s world, what do young women think about this? Is there still a difference between genders as it was long ago?
  • Divorce and marriage – Should divorce be made harder or easier? Who stands to benefit most from the divorce? Do marriages require you to know each other for a specific amount of time to curb divorce? If so, what is this time limit?