Interesting Research Paper Topics On The Kashmir Problem

Tensions in Kashmir have been rumbling on since the end of the Second World War. Who would have thought that with all of the problems that the world faces today, such a long-standing dispute would remain so problematic? However, if you have been asked to write a research topic on the subject, then it could be a dream come true. The big question that you need to ask yourself is how do you come up with a truly interesting topic on an age-old problem?

I have spent some time coming up with some topics that you might find helpful:

  1. 1. Examine the current relationship between India and Pakistan. Are tensions really as high as they were back in 1947/1948?
  2. 2. Britain and America are frequently accused of not cleaning up the messes that they make in countries such as Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, can the same be said for Kashmir?
  3. 3. The Kashmir crisis is rooted in Islamic conquests of neighboring territories going back centuries. Can parallels be drawn between Kashmir and the caliphate declared by ISIS in modern day Iraq and Syria?
  4. 4. Does the widespread international acceptance that the elections of 2014 in the region, signal that an end to the solution might be sight? Explore the present diplomatic position of the U.S. Is enough being done, or has the crisis in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq diverted attention away from Kashmir?
  5. 5. Is there a likelihood that ISIS could get a foothold in Kashmir in the future?
  6. 6. Explore the impact of the crisis on the quality of life for women in the region?
  7. 7. Can Western media outlets be called to task over the fact that they are not currently covering the crisis? Is there any interest among the Western population in this region and its problems?
  8. 8. Explore the history of Kashmir. Do both sides have a legitimate claim to the region? Or does one side (India, or Pakistan) have a stronger claim?
  9. 9. Should ordinary citizens in mainland India and Pakistan be putting more pressure on their respective governments to bring an end to the crisis?
  10. 10. Is anyone benefiting from the ongoing crisis? Explore all of the major players and examine whether anyone is gaining anything at all?
  11. 11. As with any long-standing crisis there have been several flashpoints over the years. Explore these in some depth and the triggers behind them.