Online Papers Are Usually Plagiarized

We hate to be the barer of bad news, but did you know that most online papers that are sold for cheap or given out for free have usually been plagiarized? Essentially this means that if you ever come across an online assignment database or a business offering “extremely low rates” on custom academic papers, It is very likely that these papers have been stolen from other students or writers. They may even have just been copy and pasted from an online resource like wikipedia. Could you imagine paying hard earned money for a copy and pasted wikipedia page, then getting expelled for handing it in?

For many students this little “scam” has actually happened, when they were not thorough enough to investigate the writing service which they were buying their assignment from. This is why we cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing your diligence when looking into buying an academic writing assignment online.

In a perfect world students would not need to buy their assignments in order to get passing grades in their college and university courses. However, as instructors become tougher to crack, students have to get creative about how they get their assignments done. The reality is that over 70% of post-secondary coursework involves a level of writing proficiency, for students who are talented in other areas and struggle when it comes to large scale writing assignments there are very few other options. In many cases these same students have already tried and failed to write their own unique material, it is the fear of a failing grade or a low GPA that drives them towards purchasing an assignment online instead. Plagiarizing online resources, have taken advantage of this desperate market and created convincing web pages that encourage students to hand over their money in exchange for “fake” assignments. They do not give these students an opportunity to communicate with the writer and in most cases will not provide portfolios or references for them to look at.

If you are buying your assignment online from a legitimate resource, the company should have no problem letting you communicate with the writer. In fact, they may even ask for the specific assignment criteria so that they can customize your paper perfectly for the assignment that it is needed for. When it comes to avoiding be duped into buying plagiarized content the best approach is to use your instincts, if the deal seems “to good to be true” stay away, because it probably is a fake, instead look for accommodating and personalized writing services that appear authentic and have realistic price-points for their custom term papers.