Creating World History Topics for Research Paper: 5 Fresh Ideas

Writing a world history paper includes devoting time to coming up with a good topic. As you set out to find a topic you will need to consider research sources and your deadline. Your topic idea should be something you can complete in a timely matter and provide interesting information for readers. This means coming with fresh ideas on how to find a good topic and even fresh ideas for a topic itself.

5 Ideas on How to Create Topics for a Research Paper

When you need ideas for a research paper topic it is easy to get overwhelmed. Depending on your field of study there are so many possibilities. It helps to have a few ideas that can put doable topics into perspective. You want to start off with ideas that will help you generate original ideas. From here you can determine what you want to learn more about, and whether you will be able to access sources needed for the topic. The following five ideas can help you get started:

  1. Let your thoughts flow through freewriting.
  2. Take each idea and break it into smaller ideas.
  3. Think outside of the box or from a new perspective.
  4. Make a diagram, chart or map. Start with a broad idea and connect it to thoughts and ideas you generate to illustrate your overall concept.
  5. Ask questions (who, what, when, where, and why) with answers being potential topic ideas. Access your answers and consider their potential as a research paper topic.

Sample Topic Ideas for World History

World history involves different aspects such as people, places, things and ideas. Sometimes it is how you look at or approach the topic that will help you see how and what to write about. Your guidelines may provide more insight on what topic you need. Some students may be required to select a topic based on a certain time period. The following ideas are few to help you start generating ideas of your own.

  1. How fine arts was impacted by the classical era.
  2. How did fashion evolve and what were earlier styles?
  3. What were some of the earliest cases of Slavery?
  4. How were the 13 colonies discovered before becoming part of the United States?
  5. Did the Chinese economy suffer when Christopher Columbus began his voyage?