How Do You Write a Paper: Learn from an Expert

Writing a paper, is writing your thoughts, and beliefs in a way that someone can not only understand, but perceive your point. It is an art, and a skill, that we all possess. But learning how to use that skill, is often the hardest thing we can do. Why? Because it's not something that we learn to believe in ourselves about. So the first step is to believe you can do it. Then these tips can help you.

  1. Write what you Know
  2. Do not Exaggerate
  3. Be Coherent
  4. Research your Topic Thoroughly

Write what you Know

No matter what the subject is, we all know something about it. Even if it is only what we learned in class, at work, or through personal experiences. So always select your topic in an area you know. Do not worry if someone else is doing the same topic, yours will not be the same. This is because we all have different perceptions, even on the same subject. Use your views on that topic to make it your own. In that topic, go the route you see, and find resources to back you up. You will find them, unless you are totally off line on it, and this is something that by the time you reach college, or past, you will rarely be that far off.

Do not Exaggerate

Use only the facts. Never make them up, or boost them to fit your view. If you exaggerate your work, then no one will believe any of it, no matter how valid the rest of the paper is. Keep in reality, and make it a valid paper, that someone can learn from. Yes, sometimes a story to emphasize a point is useful, but do not make a story of the fact, keep that honest.

Be Coherent

When you write, keep the flow coherent, so the reader can follow what you are saying. Do not meander around from point to point, work each point, and make them comprehensible. The reader needs to know what you know, and see it easily. They should not have to piece it together like a puzzle. Make it clear and consistent.

Research your Topic Thoroughly

Make a solid study of the topic. Before you start to write, you should be as much of an expert on the topic as anyone can be, or as close to it as possible. Read any article, book, and watch videos on the topic, to learn as much as you can. Make plenty of notes so you can start writing and not have to stop and look up information.